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What Makes Antonios Too Pizza The Best?

Several factors:
  • The dough formula
  • The sauce formula
  • Grande Cheese
  • Our pizza is hand tossed, not pressed or pre-formed.
  • Our pizza is cooked on a deck or wood-fired oven – not a conveyor oven
  • Our authentic recipes have been passed down for generations, directly from Naples Italy

Antonios TOO is something special. Monroe, New Jersey is home to many italian restaurants and pizzerias, and we strive everyday to be the best! Here at Antonios Too, you will feel the warmth and pride that goes into everything we do. In addition to our old world italian cuisine, we pride ourselves on our friendly service, from our cooks, to our delivery drivers, customer service is always our number one priority. All of our employees are passionate about the quality and excellence of the food they create for you; great pride and care is taken. Plus, they love a good conversation, are educated and above all, personable. Come experience the smells, the pies stacked on the oven, the people milling about waiting for their pie, the “how long for a large pie to go?”. It’s great!

You can visit 100 pizzerias in New Jersey and taste 100 different variations. Some will have more semolina than others in the dough, some will have none at all, some will have no garlic in the sauce, some will have garlic brushed crust or swear that King Arthur flour is better than Caputo 00. These are simply signatures. Most use Grande Mozzarella and a similar dough recipe. The fact is, the dough formula is simple compared with the sauce formula. I’ve spoken with pizzeria owners who don’t put (fill in the blank) in their sauce for whatever their personal reason is. The truth is, each of those guys have been in business forever and the taste is one thing- consistent! Same taste, every time. Doesn’t matter which ingredient is their secret, it’s always there.

Our promise to our customer is that we always use the freshest, highest quality ingredients available. Style speaks to look and feel. Authentic Italian means these are the same recipes our grandparents perfected generations ago, and are still used in Italy. In the end, the proof is in the taste, and we strive everyday to be the best. We look forward to serving you soon!

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